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After a series of requests, I have completed Part 1 of a 3 part course on “How to Write a Thriller Novel.

This course features material prepared in easy to understand animated and narrated slides that explain the essentials of story telling that will help aspiring authors write a page turning novel.

Available for rental or purchase at bargain pricing, I’m certain you will see from the free course trailer such information is well worth your time and effort.

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Why the titles Bent Oath & Fatal Oath?

What do the titles Bent Oath and Fatal Oath signify?

I chose these titles because my novels are fictional stories based on experiences, which I’ve encountered in nearly half a century of medical care, surgery, and healthcare administration.

As readers follow the challenges impacting my fictional heroine, Dr, Susan Whitney, they discover that each villain seeks to harm her based on their goal of placing financial profit above the sacred oath that has governed medical care for over two thousand years.

Why do they do that, both in real life and in my novels? Is it because they believe the oath doesn’t pertain to them? Or is it a bending of the oath to justify their greedy actions?

What is this oath? What are its rules? The rules are contained in what is commonly known as the Hippocratic Oath. Since its inception, the oath was considered only binding to physicians. However, with the evolving complexity of medical care, I believe, it pertains to all healthcare providers, including health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

So then, we might ask:

Why Is the Hippocratic Oath Still Important?

Although some aspects of the Hippocratic Oath are not directly applicable to modern practice, such as swearing by the Greek gods who were believed to oversee medicine, much of the oath is still important for nurses and many other skilled providers in the medical care team. The overarching premise of the Hippocratic Oath, and its modern versions, is the mandate that the individual reciting the pledge is making a personal dedication to ethical care.

There are two branches to this promise:

First –The purpose of medical care is to benefit the ill.

Second — A patient’s needs should be considered above all else – including the need for privacy.

Though some believe that the recitation of the Hippocratic Oath is symbolic, modern day practitioners adhere to its tenets daily when following the rules of HIPAA.

Another key theme that the Hippocratic Oath and the modern versions share is the idea that medical professionals should promote health knowledge and skills between one another and between the care team and patients. This aspect of the oath is significant because in the centuries since the oath was first written, medicine has become a complex and diversified science.

In Hippocrates’ time, a distinction was made between doctors as general practitioners and surgeons, who were most typically barbers, not medically trained professionals. Today there are primary, general-practice care teams, as well as, secondary-care teams in various specialties and treatment modalities.

This has increased the need for nurses, doctors, and ancillary teams to communicate regularly on all aspects of patient care.

Today, the oath is seen as an ideal for the practice of all aspects of healthcare. Unfortunately, there is a chasm between providers of healthcare at the point of service, and providers of healthcare products. Examples of the latter are insurance coverage, pharmaceutical products, and medical supplies, as well as, online businesses touting alternate forms of medical therapy unsupported by valid medical research.

It’s for these reasons, my novels seek to entertain, but also to convey information, perhaps unknown to the typical patient in need of medical care during a personal health crisis.

I hope that readers of my blog feel free to leave a comment. In this manner, we can begin a conversation critical to all of us. 


Fatal Oath — Now Available

Read this prequel to my first novel Bent Oath. Learn how the young talented Dr. Sue Whitney, a newly minted trauma surgeon, is entrapped by the medical insurance industrial complex. Discover the backstabbing tactics employed for personal profit and greed depriving needy patients of health care.

Try to discover the mystery plot seeking to destroy her career before it even starts. Follow her adventure, as Sue struggles to discover the master plot before they take her life.

Fatal Oath is available as a paperback novel on Amazon.com. I’m sure you will enjoy this mystery thriller.


American Cancer Society

I’m thrilled to report that since the release of my novel, Bent Oath, I’ve arranged for a personal give back to an organization striving to attack cancer from every angle.

Fighting cancer and supporting patients and their families is the primary goal of the American Cancer Society.

Therefore, it’s my honor to announce that 5% of sales from this novel will be donated to the American Cancer Society. [The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.]

I hope you enjoy Bent Oath, which is a medical thriller novel inspired by my years of work in public health. In addition to a good read, you’re also supporting a worth cause.

Thank you and good reading.


Bent Oath Now Available!!!

At last, my medical thriller novel “Bent Oath” is now available on Amazon books.

You can directly link to Amazon by clicking HERE.

Please remember to leave a review on Amazon. I’m anxious to learn of your thoughts, comments, and interests. Depending on reader response, I’d like to add to this blog a section on author insights. Since this novel is based on a lifetime experience in medical practice and public health efforts, I think this blog could provide a great discussion site for improving healthcare policy, medical insurance, and healthcare delivery.

Also remember that a portion of my royalties on book sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Happy reading!!


Bent Oath — Cover Design!!

Cover Design for Bent Oath

Just received the cover design for my debut novel Bent Oath. I’m excited to see it get into your hands.

If you’re not already on my novel’s landing page in order to receive an email and link to Amazon’s book list, please click here. You will also receive a free PDF on the basic concepts for medical diagnostic imaging.

I’m looking forward to your comments and discussions on how Dr. Susan Whitney tackles the corrupt medical industrial insurance complex as they try to silence her.


Bent Oath Teaser

Bent Oath a Medical Mystery Thriller

I’m really excited to announce that my debut novel – “Bent Oath” – will be available on Amazon in early March. Reviews from beta readers are positive, and predict that readers will enjoy a page-turning thriller novel with a plot that highlights the struggle between quality healthcare and greedy profit.

A preview of the novel is here:

Susan Whitney is a trauma surgeon who swore an oath to never harm her patients. When her career takes a sudden and unexpected turn, she’s called before Congress to testify against a medical corporation misdiagnosing cancer to inflate profits. Susan’s testimony makes her the chosen target of Reinhardt & Reinhardt, the law firm representing the corporation, as well as Congressman Rye, a partner in the business. Battling an alcohol dependency and the stress of legal attacks, Susan stays out of the public eye, but when Malcolm Reinhardt winds up in her ER covered in severe burns, she knows she has no choice but to get involved.

Confronted by a corporation with no scruples, no limit to its greed, and an unchecked willingness to abuse the trust of its patients, Susan must find a way to expose its crimes before it’s too late.

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Fatal Oath – Coming Soon

What if a crooked congressman pushes legislation to increase profit for a shoddy medical lab network he secretly owns?

And what if his lab misdiagnosed a fatal cancer in his wife?

As his corrupt business and insurance investors panic over this error, he targets Dr. Sue Whitney with a malpractice suit, and to further divert blame, he escalates his charges to attempted murder.

Will Sue be able to uncover the ring of greed and save her career. All of which she must defeat before her enemies take her life.

Stay Tuned!!!

This new novel is in editorial review and will be available on Amazon soon.