My Thrillers

What defines a thriller?

Thrillers depict fictional characters who plot or commit nefarious acts. Ultimately, they’re defeated by other characters seeking truth or justice. Thriller novels create imaginary plots, characters, and affairs. Rarely do these fictional characters reflect the abilities or actions of ordinary people.

Most writers endow fictional characters with abilities and powers that exceed the skills and deeds of ordinary people.

Popular crime thrillers illuminate realistic police work. Medical mystery thrillers that depict realistic medical situations are more engaging. The closer a novel character matches are own personal skills, values, and ethics, the more likely such a novel will capture the reader’s interest.

To respect readers, medical thrillers should clarify the science, which supports the actions and tools fictional characters employ to defeat the challenges they confront.

Therefore, my novels will seek to respect the time and investment of readers in the following way:

  1. Realism: My novels do not depict any specific living or dead person. Rather they are fabricated characters, inspired by my 49-year healthcare experience with real people. Their struggles with real challenges and unexpected outcomes forms the core for my fictional characters endowed with the same ethics, morality, greed and drives of ordinary people.
  2. Accuracy: My novels will describe accurate medical information, on procedures, techniques, and equipment. Some of which may be unknown to many readers. In this manner, I intend to primarily entertain, but also to simplify the basic science, which under pins both good and bad medical actions and decisions.
  3. Vocabulary: Each novel will contain a few scattered common English words, which may be unfamiliar to some readers. Hopefully, in addition to entertainment, it will provide a few take-away words for the reader’s lexicon.
  4. Donation: I will donate to the American Cancer Society 5% of royalties received from Amazon Kindle for the sale of my novels in e-book or soft or hard copy cover.