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Bent Oath a Medical Mystery Thriller

I’m really excited to announce that my debut novel – “Bent Oath” – will be available on Amazon in early March. Reviews from beta readers are positive, and predict that readers will enjoy a page-turning thriller novel with a plot that highlights the struggle between quality healthcare and greedy profit.

A preview of the novel is here:

Susan Whitney is a trauma surgeon who swore an oath to never harm her patients. When her career takes a sudden and unexpected turn, she’s called before Congress to testify against a medical corporation misdiagnosing cancer to inflate profits. Susan’s testimony makes her the chosen target of Reinhardt & Reinhardt, the law firm representing the corporation, as well as Congressman Rye, a partner in the business. Battling an alcohol dependency and the stress of legal attacks, Susan stays out of the public eye, but when Malcolm Reinhardt winds up in her ER covered in severe burns, she knows she has no choice but to get involved.

Confronted by a corporation with no scruples, no limit to its greed, and an unchecked willingness to abuse the trust of its patients, Susan must find a way to expose its crimes before it’s too late.

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